It is with regret that I have had to delete many posts due to persistent plaigiarism. I started this blog to share information as a result of many years of reading, training, volunteering, experiencing bereavement & client support work.  But reading my words, and hearing my ideas, over and over again without reference to this blog  was hugely disappointing.

Thank you to those of you that sent messages saying they helped you or that you’ve used them to educate others.  Thank you also to those that liked or commented on them.

If you would like to access the original blog material or have any questions on grief theory, please contact me directly and I’ll be happy to share them.

4 thoughts on “Content..

  1. Hi, I hope I am not guilty of this. My brain is so scrambled since my son died. I wake up at crazy o’clock with thoughts in my head. I can rarely say whether they originated in my head or came from something I read.

    Conor’s Mummy

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear that. Could you explore having an on-line gateway so that you are aware of who is accessing your blog and thus a greater chance of seeing if they are plagiarising your material on-line? If they are plagiarising your material, they’ll never be as good as you and they’ll run out of material pretty fast if they don’t have their own thoughts!
    Best wishes, Lucy

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    1. Hi Lucy,
      Thanks for that suggestion, I will explore other options 🙂 I have no problem with the content being used, that’s why I started blogging, I have a problem with people taking paragraphs or sentences or my thought processes & reprinting them without referencing. I always cite my sources, its just disrespectful not to! Thanks again Lucy, Caroline

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